Founded in Göttingen, Germany in 1985, Biometra develops, manufactures and markets innovative products for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Laboratories. Core technologies include the development and production of Peltier driven Thermocyclers and advanced Electrophoresis Instruments.

Biometra has been part of Analytik Jena since April 2009, a company with wide expertise in the field of scientific instruments and kits.  Biometra offers complete solutions for molecular biology research.  Their product range comprises instrumentation and consumables for sample preparation, sample treatment, separation and analysis.

The broad range of Biometra instruments cover virtually all kinds of applications. In the area of Electrophoresis they offer various instruments for separation of proteins, and separation of nucleic acids.  Their range of electrophoresis power packs and electrophoresis rigs include the former popular BRL branded horizontal rigs, pulse field gel electrophoresis equipment and general laboratory equipment.

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