October 21st 2020

The recent emergence of COVID-19 and its impact on public health has dramatically changed normal day life worldwide.

We have introduced changes within our business to combat the spread of infection and thereby protect our staff and visitors to our premises. 

Our Field Service Engineers will endeavour to assist where possible annd priority will be afforded to COVID-19 testing facilities. Any schedule routine maintenance may have to be rescheduled and if so our Service Co Ordinator Suzann Murphy will be contact . 

We are prioritising the provision of goods and services for all Hospitals testing for COVID-19 and Institutions and Research facilities who are working on solutions to overcome and defeat covid 19

We will be guided at all times by the expert groups within the HSE and will apply the essential practices they recommend. As we enter into Level five lockdown for the next six weeks we want to assure you that we remain open for businesss and will strive to provide you with the service you are accustomed to over the

lockdown period. Our Sales Representatives and Field Service Engineers will continue to work from home over this period and they are very much able and willing to help you with your needs. We wish you all the very best over the coming weeks and hope that the measures we are all taking will enable us to remain well

during and beyond the lockdown.


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