Bio-Sciences and Eikonix have recently teamed up to supply the Irish market with high quality Gel Imaging Systems including innovative gel documentation and analysis systems for DNA gels, protein gels and western blots.
These compact, beautifully designed systems cover all needs from basic gel imaging right through to multi-channel coloured image capture. For all white light, fluorescence and chemiluminescence applications.

The Eikonix headquarters is based in Cambridge at the prestigious St John’s Innovation Centre. Eikonix specialises in the supply of digital imaging solutions. They offer a range of  Aplegen branded gel imaging systems from fluorescent and colorimetric to chemiluminescent systems. The systems are manufactured in California in the USA and have an excellent reputation.

The Eikonix team is drawn from experts in the fields of sales, marketing and development with skills and contacts gained from working in the industry for many years. Indeed the core of the team was instrumental in the development and eventual commercialisation of the world’s first gel documentation system which went onto critical acclaim and was sold extensively throughout the world. The team has also been closely involved in the development of products for protein detection.

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The aim of Eikonix is to be the ‘go to’ destination when looking for scientific digital imaging and ancillary products. The company is built on the back of a strong team of experts who have many years of experience in the field of imaging for scientific applications and life science laboratories. 

Please contact us for further details on the eikonix range of products.
Additional product information can also be found on www.eikonix.com

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