With nearly 60 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of laboratory incubators and a wide range of laboratory equipment, LEEC remains a clear leader in the field of automated CO2 Cell Culture and Bacteriological Incubators.

LEEC Limited is an independent private company which offers the personal service and interest that is so highly valued by customers, together with the efficiency you expect from a technologically progressive company. LEEC's product range includes:

For customers involved in Cell Culture or CO2 dependent bacterial culture, the range of LEEC CO2 Incubators will provide an ideal solution to your requirements.  LEEC CO2 incubators feature precise temperature and CO2 control systems, sterilisation or decontamination systems and sample protection.   If you need a large capacity CO2 Incubator or are using Roller Culture systems, then the new LEEC Touch 190 / Touch 190S models can provide you with 190 litres of perfectly controlled CO2 and temperature environment.  This CO2 incubator was independently tested by the HPA and proved to perform exceptionally well.

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Additional product details can also be found on www.leec.co.uk

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