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Bio-Sciences Limited has represented Rodwell Scientific Instruments exclusively over the last sixteen years and has seen many revolutionary changes to the autoclave range over the years, culminating with the large capacity square chamber Sapphire Autoclave range. This range, with its new mechanically hoisted door and pneumatic door seal, has revolutionised laboratory autoclaves.

Rodwell Scientific are a UK based manufacturer of the highest quality range of autoclaves, from their Portable Range (15 to 30 Litres) to Benchtop Phoenix Series (40 to 60 Litres) to the large floor standing Sapphire Series range (330 to 770 Litres).  They manufacture an exceptional, robustly engineered range of autoclaves with an excellent reputation for longevity and quality.  Rodwell Autoclaves are amongst the best in the world and their commitment to quality and attention to detail means that a Rodwell autoclave is one of the safest investments in any laboratory environment.

Rodwells range of Autoclaves includes: 

  • Pass through Autoclaves 
  • Top Loading Autoclaves 
  • Front Loading Autoclaves 
  • Portable Autoclaves
  • Direct Steam Autoclaves
  • Vacuum Autoclaves
  • Cylindrical or Square Chamber Autoclaves

The importance of preventative maintenance and service cannot be overstated for this type of instrument and the Bio-Sciences team are all highly trained on Rodwell Autoclaves and furnished with all the necessary parts to effect prompt and immediate service when required.

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