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Scientific Industries are the designer and manufacturer of the Vortex-Genie® laboratory vortex mixer and shaker, as well as a complete line of other Genie™ lab products including microplate shakers and mixers, cell disruptor and homogenizers, magnetic stirrers for every need – low speed, high speed, single position, multi-position, and large volume, large capacity orbital shakers, rotators, rockers, cell culture incubators, shaking incubators, refrigerated incubators and hydbrization ovens. All of the Genie™ products are made in the USA.

Since its foundation in 1954, Scientific Industries has focused on providing rugged, reliable products, which most notably includes the world-famous Vortex-Genie mixer. Over the years, this vortex mixer and shaker, has become an essential piece of equipment for any type of laboratory, and the vast array of accessories permits convenient mixing in any type of container.

The Vortex-Genie family is based upon, and originates from, the original Scientific Industries Vortex Jr. Mixer, manufactured prior to 1962.  This product line has evolved and expanded over the years, but has maintained the reputation as a “workhorse” and a “must have” in almost any type of laboratory.

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