December 3rd 2020


The political negotiations are still ongoing with respect to Brexit and whilst it is hoped that an agreement will be reached in what is now the eleventh hour we have a plan in place for a no deal BREXIT

We are confident that we have everything in place to accommodate such an outcome.

We have our required EORI Number and have appointed a Customs Clearance Agent to act as our direct representative.

We have ensured compliance with our suppliers from the UK and from Europe using the UK land bridge.

Most of our products are sourced from Europe (90% approx.) and the remaining 10% from the

 US and of course the UK.

Whilst 90% of our products are shipped from European Distribution centres within Europe they are

mostly shipped by Surface Transport which currently involves transportation through the UK land

bridge between Europe and Ireland.


So, as a contingency we have looked at three additional options which we can call into operation if required ;


(1)          Shipping Products by air which will be quicker but will impact cost

(2)          Shipping by Surface Transport directly from Europe into Ireland which may add to lead times

(3)          Increasing our stock holding to minimise any Product Supply delays by (2) .


Whilst a significant majority of our products are cold chain products that are expiry dated this limits

 our ability to increase stock levels. However, we will be looking at increasing levels where we can to

cover emergency situations.

We are acutely aware of our Customers concerns and will be doing everything we can to minimise

any disruption during the transition period


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