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Bio-Sciences Limited, a wholly Irish owned business, first opened its doors in August 1992 with a small staff which included its two owners, Gerry Byrne and Brian Fitzpatrick.

From the outset, Bio-Sciences' business objective was to focus on becoming a market leader in the sales, service and distribution of laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables within the Biotechnology sector. More recently with the evolution of Molecular Diagnostics, technology has brought us into the Clinical Diagnostics market.

Objectives are a moving target, and we continuously strive to exceed our objectives through the supply of market leading brands, by increasing our market share and through the provision of quality service with an emphasis on client relationship management.

The close relationship we have with our market leading suppliers and manufacturers also plays an important role in enabling us to achieve our goals.

The vision and ethos of our early days continues to be seen throughout the company, enabling us to succeed in these challenging times. There have been many changes to our business since 1992 and our aim is to always meet these changes by ‘Delivering Excellence’ to our customers.

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