Efficient and accurate delivery of goods or services is essential to our business. We take pride in being able to offer our customers next day delivery on a wide range of products.

We hold a wide range of goods in stock to facilitate the efficient and speedy delivery of products to our customers.  Orders are distributed from our main warehouse in Dun Laoghaire where we have carefully monitrored storage facilities to ensure accurate storage conditions for all stock. 

We endeavour to offer next day delivery on all ex-stock items, however should you have a special delivery request, don't hesitate to ask!

  • Dublin area - orders placed by 5.00pm will be delivered on the next working day
  • Outside Dublin - orders placed by 11.00am will be delivered on the next working day

Some important details regarding your order:

  • Depending on the qualified shipping conditions, goods can be shipped under a variety of storage conditions including room temperature, gel packs, dry ice or liquid nitrogen (in a specialised dry shipper container).
  • Some goods are shipped at room temperature but must be stored at a different temperature on arrival.
  • We will always label the external boxes / packaging clearly.  Please read the labels on the packaging of the goods to establish the correct storage conditions for each item and respond to same by immediately storing your products at the correct temperature in your facility.
  • Molecular Biology reagents may be very small. Please examine all packaging carefully before discarding and ensure that the number of items are in agreement with what is noted on the delivery docket.

Please contact us if you have anu queries regarding the delivery of your order.



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