Challenging the paradigm at the bench, Invitrogen products are the simplest and fastest way to genomic preparation and engineering, delivering publishable results every day. Invitrogen™ products represent the broadest range of superior-quality reagents, convenient kits, and easy to use benchtop devices that reduce steps and bring consistency and reliability to research.

Invitrogen™ is one of the leading Brands manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific.  With over 168,000 citations over the last 10 years alone—more than any other life sciences brand—Invitrogen branded products are preferred 3 to 1 by molecular and cellular biologists.

Invitrogen™ - Product Groups

Nucleic Acid Purification, DNA Oligonucleotides, Cloning Reagents, PCR Reagents, Plasmid DNA Purification, Competent Cells, Enzymes, Genomic DNA , Plasmid DNA , DNA Arrays, Gene Synthesis, Reverse Transcriptase.

Invitrogen™ - Applications

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