New Thermo Scientific Sorvall Benchtop Centrifuge Promotion

For many years the name Sorvall has come to represent the very essence of centrifugation. Thermo Fisher Scientific have acquired many centrifuge manufacturers over the years including the well known brands,Heraeus, IEC, Jouan and of course Sorvall.

The new Thermo Scientific Sorvall Benchtop centrifuges are an amalgamation of the very best technologies and features of these brands that offer you the Customer the very best in quality, Innovation and excellence.

This promotion is for the Thermo Scientifc Sorvall Benchtop Centrifuges featuring the Thermo Scientific Sorvall Micro 17 and Micro 21 Legend microcentrifuges, the Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST8 and ST8R small capacity benchtop centrifuges to the medium and large capacity Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST16 and ST40 and Legend benchtop centrifuges.This new promotion features the new Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST4 and ST4R benchtop centrifuges and the new Thermo Scientific Sorvall X4 Pro and X4R Pro benchtop centrifuges.

This Promotion is valid until June 30th 2022.

Make savings of 25% with this promotion . Please use Promo Code SPIN2022 when ordering





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